Coach Jeremy

Coach Jeremy


  • Crossfit Level 1


Q- What drives you towards fitness or how did fitness change your life?

A- Fitness has always been a big part of my life. From my childhood I have always loved participating in sports and competing at everything I do. BNKR has an awesome community where we love and encourage each other but also compete against each other.

Q- What’s your favorite workout ?

Diane which consists of: 21-15-9 reps of: 225-pound Deadlifts. Handstand Push Ups.

Q-  What’s your go to nutrition tip or hack?

A- Portion control. I have a pretty strong will to resist eating too much bad food. There is nothing wrong with a cheat meal or day. Unhealthy food needs to be eating in moderation in order to fuel your body to be able to preform at its peak.  

”No matter where you are on your fitness journey we can help you! From the beginner to the more advanced athletes we will challenge you while welcoming you into our community with loving arms!“

– Coach Jeremy

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