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Coach Fredie


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Q- What drives you towards fitness? Growing up in Southern California on the beach the outdoors were my playground. Surfing, skateboarding, swimming, soccer you name it. I’ve been moving as long as I can remember. It wasn’t till my 30’s that I got into weightlifting and then found the wonderful sport of CrossFit.

Q- What’s your favorite workout ?
“Helen,” as written, is a triplet of a 400m run, (53#) kettlebell swings and pull-ups. It’s a burner!

Q- What’s your go to nutrition tip or hack?

Personally my main focus is eating as clean (the less processed the better) as possible. I try and consume different types of natural or organic foods daily.

To manage weight I fast 16 on 8 off a couple days a week.

“Our health should be priority one, from there we can enjoy all the wonderful things life has to offer and oh yeah, KEEP MOVING!”

– Coach Fredie

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